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New Design And View

The specifications of a Conquest 1453 series

What’s New On V4

New Conquest V4 comes with new details on design and with new features ..

Extraordinary Version 4

The new model Conquest 1453 v4 additional specifications

Hidden Cathcher

Hidden molasses catcher stops the molasses of your tobacco to drop into your water and makes your water always fresh

Adjustable Diffuser

New Conquest diffuser comes with 16 holes + 1 hole + 6 holes(hidden)


Secret Tradi Diffuser

6 hole secret diffuser system makes you enjoy your shisha with tradi option


7 Hole Shilf System

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Smooth airflow system

Each parts of the shisha, is designed to have airtight connections, the air inside the shisha is blocked and no interference from the outside. This makes that taste and smoke coming directly through the system with and air leakage or any air coming out of the system.

New Simple Design

Conquest 1453 Version 4 have new designing process of the shisha, it was important to get the correct soft design on the eye and crucial to get the correct design for airflow to make your smoke performance best quality